Winter semester starts Tuesday Jan 13th, 2015 –  Aug 2015

Love what you do for a living?…. is a must have!

Ask yourself, “Would I like to have a career”

Where I am Self employed?
Plan my own schedule?  
Be paid what I’m worth?
Money in my pocket daily?
If you answered yes to anyone of these questions?
We can work together to achieve your career goals!

This school now offers an Attendance / Performance incentive program!

When a student performs salon services they may earn more than just a Tip!

An incentive of 25% of the total client services monthly! 

Day care assistance is provide and could be funded when you apply and qualify!

Please Email your paperwork to the school @

abeautyschool@aol.com  - once completed.  

Requirements – High School Diploma or GED

Scheduled Class Hours: Tuesday- Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

32 hours a week – 32 weeks only 7 months to complete!

A graduate will receive their 6 month temporary license for employment!

Mission Statement: This school provides an accurate balance of real world training for employment along with educating students to take their state board  written and hands on exams!

Message from the Owner    

OEDS 7/1/2011 – 6/30/2012
*Graduated on time 100% *Completion Rate 74.5% *License Rate 100% *Employed 100%

OEDS 7/1/2012 – 6/30/2013

*Graduated on time 100% *Completion Rate 83.5% *License Rate 100% *Employed 100%

Pictures of the School

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